Livingston Art Walk, Downtown Streets Come Alive With Art

Art enthusiests gather at Art WalkLivingston has long been synonymous with art in Montana. Artists, writers and musicians have long called Livingston, Montana home. The early seventies brought an influx of young painters and literary types to the area and slowly art galleries started to pop up in downtown Livingston. Today over a dozen galleries grace the town with a wide range of artistic styles and themes.

Every year, as wildflowers start to pepper the hillsides in Paradise Valley and summer gets underway, the art galleries of Livingston hum with activity. Artists and gallery directors rush to finalize exhibits in preparation for the first Art Walk of the season. Held every fourth Friday of each month in the summer, Livingston Art Walks are rare combinations of gallery tour and social gathering. An eclectic array of locals, out-of-towners and random art enthusiasts arrive in hordes to check out what’s hanging on the walls and who’s who.

Livingston Art Walks usually start around 5:30 p.m. and last until about 8:30 p.m. The first Art Walk of the season in June is usually the busiest of the year. Art Walks continue every month through September. The July and August Art Walks can be hot, depending on the weather.

The Ins and Outs of Art Walk:

If you’re in downtown Livingston, you’re most likely within sight of a gallery. To help navigate your walk, veer into the nearest gallery and ask for a gallery map. The Livingston Gallery Association produces an informative map listing most of the galleries in Livingston. This handy tool is a good orientation to the maze of galleries on and around Main Street.

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There are several stellar galleries in Livingston. Here are a few not to miss:

The Frame Garden

The Frame Garden shows dynamic local art in an inviting, well-lit space on Callender Street. Some of the area’s best artists, both contemporary and traditional, have shown at The Frame Garden. The Frame garden is also the place for framing fine art in Livingston. Owner Laura Bray is a master framer and has an eye for elevating artwork through presentation. 110 East Callender Street | ph. 406.222.5122

Visions West Gallery

With galleries in Bozeman, Livingston, and Denver, Colorado, Visions West paints a broad brushstroke on contemporary Western art. The gallery has a strong commitment to promoting contemporary artists from the West and maintains a focus on elements drawn from the natural environment. “We have searched the world to bring you a unique collection of art that has technical diversity, independence of thought, courage, boldness and passion.” 108 South Main Street. | ph. 406.222.0337 |

Elichai Fine Jewelry

Jeweler & Gemologist Elichai Fowler founded Elichai Fine Jewelry in 2005 after years of perfecting his craft alongside master metalsmiths, engravers and jewelers. Working with silver, precious stones and other fine materials, Fowler brings his expertise and passion for art to every custom-made piece of jewelry. These highly original, intricate works exemplify beauty. 116 North Main Street | ph. 406.222.7964 |

Livingston Center for Art and Culture

One of two non-profit art associations in Livingston, the Livingston Center is a cornerstone for creative activity in the community. The Center’s mission is to “provide an opportunity for artists and professionals to share their skills and talents with the residents of Park County and the neighboring counties. We provide a location for classes, a meeting and gathering venue for educational interchange, as well as an exhibition gallery for artists’ and students’ work.” 119 South Main Street | ph. 406.222.5222 |

Mordam Art Gallery

Mordam Art is owned and operated by husband and wife duo Parke and Bonnie Goodman. As a painter of western landscapes, Parke is strongly influenced by the Hudson River School. His objective is not to copy what he sees, but to capture the emotion. The result is a sensitive depiction of nature, best described as a romantic landscape. Bonnie specializes in eclectic bead work, “Turning Ordinary Silicates into an Incredible Waste of Time!”  109 South Main Street | ph. 406-222-0321 |

The Danforth Gallery

Established in 1974 as a community non-profit, the Park County Friends of the Arts (PCFA) and the Danforth Gallery have played an active role for over 35 years in establishing Livingston as an art center of Montana. The Danforth provides opportunities for aspiring and working artists to exhibit their work. The member-based organization also offers arts outreach and educational programming to the community. 106 North Main Street | ph. 406.222.6510 |

Post Art Walk, Dinner and Cocktails at the 2nd St. Bistro

Most likely, you’re famished after such an intense immersion in art. Located in the historic Murray Hotel on 2nd Street, the Bistro is the ideal gathering spot for good food and libation. Founded in 2004, the 2nd St. Bistro has secured a reputation for impeccable cooking in the French tradition. Using locally sourced Montana lamb, pork, beef, chicken and produce, the chefs at the Bistro cook up some of the finest cuisine in Montana.  Reservations are recommended.  123 North 2nd Street | ph. 406.222.9463 |

About the Author:

Brad Bunkers, founder and editor, wears many creative hats. In addition to producing the Livingston travel guide, he owns the Livingston, Montana graphic design and branding company, Engine 8; maintains a Livingston fine art studio; produces the international arts journal, HoboEye; and sits on two non-profit boards. Visit or to learn more about Bunkers.

Livingston Art Walk and Gallery Map:

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